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Want to sell your junk car or old car in Naples, Florida

Car Salvage

Here at Cash 4 Cars, we purchase your junk car for an honest cost. We have established a network of professionals in which their sole purpose is to purchase junk cars for salvage. By not having to look for one yourself we would like to make your life easier by getting one for you. No need for endlessly calling numbers in the Yellow Pages for junk salvagers who will quote you obscene prices or require that you relinquish the vehicle yourself and that would cost you even more in towing charges. Our professional junkers will come to your home or business and provide you with a tow at no additional cost.

It's our pleasure. Various salvagers reduce the quoted price for a junk car with no eligible title. This will not be an issue with our team. Just present a copy of your most recent registration and a photo I.D. and we can easily get that junk car out of your way. Don't be misled by your average junker and let us quote your junk car for the price you deserve, not the price they want to pay.

We are here to serve you fairly and with swiftness. Submit a request or give us a call for a quote. Then, within 24 hours, our team will come directly to the location of the vehicle and salvage your junk car out of your life and money into your hands.

* Prices are guaranteed as quoted if and only if the car is described as submitted. If the car's year, make, model and/or trim is not as submitted or the car is missing any major parts (engine, transmission, etc) then prices may be renegotiated as the mass and value of the car is not as described.
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