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Want to sell your junk car or old car in Naples, Florida

Removing Junk Cars

After several years of car ownership, it is inevitable that some cars stop working. You can't just keep that junk on your lawn. Forced by law to keep registering and paying insurance for a car that will never be used again. You have to stop wasting money on that piece of junk. Instead, get paid today in cash and get some of that lost money back.

Some junkers will lower the listing price of the car that has no qualifying title. This is not a problem for us. With a copy of the most recent registration and your photo ID, we can easily take the car out of your hands. Don't be fooled by other junkers who will quote you a price and haggle for a lower price for not having a valid vehicle title.

Let's get cash in your hands for your junk car today.

* Prices are guaranteed as quoted if and only if the car is described as submitted. If the car's year, make, model and/or trim is not as submitted or the car is missing any major parts (engine, transmission, etc) then prices may be renegotiated as the mass and value of the car is not as described.
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