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Want to sell your junk car or old car in Naples, Florida

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Here at Cash 4 Cars we purchase junk cars in your area. If we purchase your car, it will be for the amount that was quoted over the phone. That's a guarantee.

Check out how simple the entire process is to sell your junk car. Your options are either to fill out the online form telling us which car, model and year you want to junk or you can call and/or text us at (786) 290-4164. Once we negotiate a price that's agreed on we will schedule an appointment for pick up within 1-2 days. Renegotiating and misquoting the price will not be accepted when the driver arrives to pick up the junk car. The price you have been quoted will be the payment you receive in cash. Our drivers will come to you directly at your home or business for no extra fee.

Our history in the business is well deserved and respectable. We practice honesty and a quick pick up for a great price to all our customers. Very rarely do we see a car we can't tow so let us know high or low and we will be on the road to help you get your cash quickly. If your car doesn't start don't worry we have drivers that will tow your junk car with no expense or effort from you.

Make the first move and sell your junk car today for the best price and a free quote.

* Prices are guaranteed as quoted if and only if the car is described as submitted. If the car's year, make, model and/or trim is not as submitted or the car is missing any major parts (engine, transmission, etc) then prices may be renegotiated as the mass and value of the car is not as described.
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