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Want to sell your junk car or old car in Naples, Florida

Cash for Junk Cars in Hand

No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You will never have to deal with checks bouncing or having to be cleared several days later. We pay cash in hand before we even lift the car with the tow. Once we agree on a fair and accurate price we schedule a time for pick up at your home or business. Our drivers are skilled to tow the vehicle from some of the most complicated of situations. Our drivers arrive and verify the the correct vehicle and collect the transferred title. No title? No Problem. We have other methods of dealing with that without reducing the negotiate price.*

Don't bother wasting anymore money on repairing a money pit like your junk car. Get some, if not all, that money back. If your car isn't an antique, there is no reason to continue spending obscene amounts of money on it anymore.

Get paid for your clunker with Cash in Hand.

* Prices are guaranteed as quoted if and only if the car is described as submitted. If the car's year, make, model and/or trim is not as submitted or the car is missing any major parts (engine, transmission, etc) then prices may be renegotiated as the mass and value of the car is not as described.
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